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In this era, televisionis one of the major sources of entertainment at home. There are so many tv companies around us with different dimensions and prices, even, , different models. Samsung is one of the largest well-reputed Electronics companies in the world. In 1969, South Korean company Samsung made their first step on the television, and it was the Black and White tv. Till then, rest is the history of producing next-level technology So many unique features and models made this brand more valuable than any other ordinary company. it’s quite impossible to stay at home without the entertainment of tv programs. Technologically far advanced and latest features make a difference about experiencing watching television.  

Without any doubt, this is the name which has a wide range of products to enhance next-generation technology to build a strategy about watching television.

 New Samsung Tv Models in Bangladesh

Samsung first introduced us to black and white television back in 1969. It was their first appearance, and till now, we have seen so many latest versions of technology one after another. Samsung tv’s latest models have a reach of the mount by their extreme level built-in facility. There are so many types of Samsung tv based on Dimension, picture quality, prices. In the recent past, we have seen their series of models, and the latest versions of quality are climbing up day by day. Began with black and white, then late 90’s cut Color display, Early 20th century LCD and now so many HD, UHD variation. All above smart android television changed the entire outlook about watching experiences below few of quality product list mentioned.

  •  LCD 
  •  LED
  •  HD
  •  FULL HD
  •  UHD
  •  SMART
  •  O’LED
  •  Q’LED
  •  4K premium
  •  8K premium
  •  3D

  many others. Different dimensions like 32, 43,50,55,65,75 inches many wide screens are available for different budget and needs.

 Samsung TV Prices in Bangladesh

To Enhance your real home entertainment, Samsung brings us fabulous features on smart android OS. Users can browse the internet on television, YouTube, Netflix for watching movies and favorite programs via the internet. Users can play Video Games also. , there is Bluetooth for merging your device apps. HDMI, USB multimedia, Voice command remote control system. Even an android application download system is even much easier to comfortable entertainment at home. The whole facility is all about to depend on customers’ needs and budget by different circumstances. Price variation includes models, dimensions, and spaces. , 32 inch Samsung tv starts with 31,000/- bdt. And the 75-inch price is a minimum of 3,20,000/- bdt. Step by step, with model and screen size, the prices changed. those best quality sizes and models, you can grab your desired one whenever you need it. Transtec is one of the trusted electronics sources of Samsung smart android tv for purchase original product. Although “tv shop bd” is another trusted electronics shop on the website where you can find an original product within your budget. Some electronics shops providing EMI facilities for the user who is interested in purchasing by credit card.

 Quality of Full HD and 4K tv in Bangladesh

Day by day, screen resolution is changing by the taste of technology and advanced science. The big screen size, the resolution needs to be more advanced and crystal clear for a comfortable view. Screen noise can be harmful or disturb your eyes. For this purpose, 

Samsung is much forward to improve their screen resolution based on tv size. The availability of Full HD and 4K resolution is already is in the market. Not even 4K but also 3D ( third Dimension) also. Picture quality looks alive with this advanced resolution. Also, with a 178digree viewing angle, there will be no difference in picture quality.

Common Apps for Latest Android tv

 The smart Android operating system changed the Television ideas much more comfortable position in this era. With that premium product quality with Android OS, now you can install a variety of emergency apps, desired games, movies, Dramas, many more with the help of the internet easily. Upgraded Ram, Rom, and processor by smart android OS TV, the user 

can download NetFlix, Youtube, Amazon, Pandora, HBO GO, HULU, Live NET tv, and many more apps from AppStore and PlayStore. 

Latest Samsung TV

2021 new arrival models reached the maximum quality of Digital sound system with built-in speaker and Dolby atmosphere. Enhanced contrast and picture quality. South Korean Electronics makers on the top now. Latest Neo Q’LED Technology brings in much smaller backlights. Looking , Samsung’s largest tv maker company will reach the world market places soon the much more advanced features.


Above mentioned information is not 100% accurate. There is always having a chance to make a mistake to adding information. Generally we collect information from manufacturer website and other reputed sources. Please inform us if you have found any mistake or wrong information.

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