Panasonic is an international brand name for Japanese electrical products manufactured by Panasonic Corporation (formerly Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.). Panasonic Corp (Panasonic) develops, manufactures, sells and services a range of electrical and electronic products. Its products find application in the consumer electronics, housing, B2B and automotive sectors.

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Panasonic 40″ LED TV VIERA

Panasonic 40″ LED TV VIERA

৳ 44,500.00
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Panasonic 32″ LED TV VIERA

Panasonic 32″ LED TV VIERA

৳ 26,000.00
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Home appliances, also called household appliances, are one of the numerous and varied electrical, electromechanical or gas-powered devices introduced in the twentieth century, mainly to save household labor and time. Collectively, their impact on industrial society eliminates hard work and drastically reduces the time associated with housing and housing. Outside of the world’s urban communities, household appliances have little or no influence, but within these communities they have had a profound, even revolutionary, impact socially and economically. These devices, for example, have facilitated the establishment of single-family families; In a two-parent family, they have enabled both parents to enter the labor market and otherwise free up a lot of time and energy that homeowners previously devoted to food preparation and laundry, house cleaning and general housework. Thus, one more result is that the employment of people engaged in household services has been greatly reduced. The trend of using automated and powered household appliances to simplify basic household chores, once established, soon spread to additional areas such as personal hygiene and decoration.
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